EZ Tape Fully Coated Aluminum Tape

– Name Product: EZ Tape Fully-coated
– Brand: Aquasol
– Type: EZ Tape
– Part No: EZ-T 2.0 and EZ-T 1.0
– Size: 1.0″ amd 2.0″
– Length: 75′
– Temperatures: 500°F (260°C)
– Q’ty: 12 pcs/pack
– Made in: USA


Aquasol EZ Tape Fully Coated Aluminum Tape

EZ Tape Fully Coated Aluminum Tape


EZ Tape® is a traditional, fully coated aluminum tape that can be used to seal root gaps by controlling the release of gas during purging and to seal pipe ends for transporting.

EZ Tape Fully Coated Aluminum Tape

EZ Tape has many other conventional uses in the field such as sealing ducts for heating, air conditioning and refrigeration, and acting as an excellent vapor barrier.The soft foil conforms easily to a variety of irregular surfaces.

The aluminum coated adhesive is able to withstand temperatures of up to 500°F (260°C) and is equally adaptable for cold weather uses with a minimum application temperature of just 10°F (-12.5°C). Both halogen and chlorofluorocarbon free, EZ Tape promotes a safer work environment.

Features and Benefits

Fully Coated and Versatile

EZ Tape Fully Coated Aluminum Tape

  • EZ Tape can act as a purge gas retaining tape, seal pipe ends for transporting, or a vapor barrier for HVAC applications
  • This “All Purpose Solution” can be used in numerous industries including automotive, aerospace, chemical, petro-chemical, oil, gas, HVAC, appliance, military, government, defense, marine, metal finishing, electronics, construction and many other industrial settings

Conforms to a Number of Surfaces

  • The adaptive nature of EZ Tape enables the aluminum foil to adhere and conform to irregular surfaces including stainless steel and aluminum pipes
  • Pressure-sensitive adhesive makes for easy application

High Heat Resistant

  • Aluminum adhesive withstands temperatures up to 500°F (260°C)
  • Aluminum foil portion of tape withstands temperatures up to 1100°F (593°C)

Safe Components 

  • EZ Tape is halogen and fluorocarbon-free, creating a safe work environment


How EZ Tape Works

Purge Gas Containment

EZ Tape Fully Coated Aluminum Tape

  • Center EZ Tape over the root gap around the entire circumference of the pipe

EZ Tape Fully Coated Aluminum Tape

  • Insert purge gas needle into root gap and ensure connection to gas line.
  • Introduce noble gas and evacuate oxygen
  • After reaching desired oxygen ppm level, start welding

Conventional Uses


  • Place EZ Tape around circumference of pipe or surface to act as a vapor barrier


  • Place EZ Tape over pipe opening in sections to create a “cap” during transportation


Types & Sizes

EZ Tape Fully Coated Aluminum Tape

English Metric English Metric
ez tape 1.0 EZ-T 1.0 Fully Coated Aluminum 1.0′ 25 mm 75′ 23 m
ez tape 1.0 EZ-T 2.0 Fully Coated Aluminum 2.0′ 51 mm 75′ 23 m


Heat Resistance Adhesive 500°F 260°C
Aluminum Foil 1100°F 593°C
Minimum Application Temperature 10°F -12.5°C


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